How To Reserve Your Vehicle


Reserve Your Vehicle Today 
  • With the ongoing worldwide semiconductor chip shortage, dealership inventories across the nation are much lower than normal.
  • Even though current inventories are low, what many consumers don’t know is that you can reserve vehicles already accepted and scheduled for production.
  • At Ken Garff Riverdale, you can see all of our available inventory, including our pre-production vehicles.
Ken Garff Riverdale Reservation System
  • Click one of our online reservation pages.
  • Find the pre-production vehicle that you want that hasn’t been reserved yet.
  • Call us or fill out the lead form to start the reservation process.
  • They will walk you through the process of reserving your vehicle, including helping you put down a deposit.
  • Your salesperson will keep you updated as to estimated delivery and shipping times, which may vary depending on semiconductor chip availability.

Don’t See Anything You Like?

  • Give us a call at (801) 337-7116.
  • Subject to available constrains and OEM availability, we may be able to custom order your vehicle. Every few weeks, the OEM provides us with additional allocation to order and custom-build vehicle for our customers.

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